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Momentous Virtual Consultation Office Moves

Virtual Consultations and Advisory Services

POSTED ON March 24, 2020 BY Logistics Specialist

Our experienced project managers can provide a virtual assessment of your requirements via your mobile device

Momentous, the specialist logistics business, has introduced its Virtual Consultation service for its Workplace, Fine Art and FF&E departments.

The service enables our clients to conduct an initial professional consultation with their Momentous Project Manager without the need for the person to be on site.

The service is simple to use and enables a face to face professional consultation to be conducted, to view the space and items or works to be included, and for the Momentous specialist to provide guidance on the project requirements and provide a proposal for the works, along with expert opinion.

All you need for it to work, is a mobile device with a decent Wi-Fi or mobile connection.  The service has been trialled across the business and has resulted in excellent results. It works in a very similar way to a FaceTime or WhatsApp video call.


How it works

  1. Contact us for a time slot
  2. Receive a Diary Reminder and access to our Virtual Consultation with one of our Art, FF&E or Workplace specialists
  3. Your Virtual Consultation starts at your chosen time.
  4. Use your device to show the Momentous specialist around the space in question and specific aspects that require additional attention.
  5. After the consultation, you will receive a Proposal and Costings within 24-48 hrs


Workplace Logistics

Our workplace and office relocation specialists will conduct a virtual consultation and tour of your office or factory space. As part of the consultation they will not need to be physically present and still advise you on how the project will be conducted, aspects you need to build into your office relocation plan and the overall process for how to relocate your business, refurbish your workspace or resize your business premises.

During the consultation you will be guided by one of our experienced Workplace Project Managers. They will be able to advise on elements such as IT and server relocations, workstations, common areas and office furniture lifecycle management.

They will provide a detailed proposal and accurate costing sheet which you can use to build your budget. Following the consultation, you will be able to contact your Workplace Project Manager at any time.


Fine Art

Our Virtual Consultations are perfect for when it comes to reviewing your artworks or collections for crating, collection, storing, shipping and installation.

The Virtual Consultation is conducted by a member of our experienced Art team. Our virtual service enables you to use your mobile device to walk around your works and the space so we can check materials, dimensions for crating and advise on key aspects relating to handling, transportation, storage, climate management and installation requirements. Everything can be done without need of a meeting in person.

You also have access to our experienced art technicians and specialist art logistics team. If you wish to move your works into store, we offer flexible collection and storage services.


FF&E Logistics

For procurement agents and interior designers, our Virtual Service enables you to meet with one of our FF&E Project Managers to identify the needs of your project. This can be especially useful if you need to share details about specific items that need shipping or where access checks need to be conducted. Additional services such as our Digital FF&E Inventory also fit perfectly with the suite of services we offer.



If you need assistance regarding a future planned event, we are currently supporting projects for next year. You can speak to one of our events logistics team and tour managers via our virtual meetings and consultations. If you need any immediate solutions such as short-term storage, then we can assist here too.


Request a virtual consultation

If you would like to arrange a virtual consultation or require advisory services, then please simply call us or Contact Us

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