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Art Logistics Services

Momentous are proud providers of art logistics and transport. Fine art shipping and transportation requires several layers of knowledge to deliver a seamless end-to-end service. Our specialist fine art logistics and installation expertise helps us to extend exceptional care to each and every work of art. Our art logistics services are equipped to deal with all art removal circumstances, from the installation of a single work of art or the management of the constant movement of an entire curated collection.

With over 40 years of experience in fine art services and transport, our team of specialist art technicians and fine art movers know exactly how to handle your pieces. Momentous are professionals in every aspect, and our services cover everything from expert assessment, careful packing, transportation and storage to international shipping, delivery and installation.

Our fine art logistics services include:

  • Experienced art technicians
  • Industry-standard crates and museum-grade casing
  • Transportation by land, air and sea
  • Packing materials appropriate to the medium of the work
  • Condition reporting using Articheck
  • Specialist fleet of fine art vehicles
  • Bonded storage options
  • Customs procedures, ATA Carnets, T-forms & licences
  • UK and worldwide service


What is Art Logistics?

Art logistics is a specialist service for packaging and transporting fine art from one location to another. Art logistics differ from normal logistics in the careful packing, delivery and installation of each piece of artwork. This requires specialist knowledge and materials to ensure the pieces of artwork are safely stored and correctly displayed.




Fine Art Transport Coordination

Momentous is your one point of contact for your fine art logistics needs. Coordinating your artwork is a specialist and complex task which is why our dedicated fine art team will provide you with a single point of contact for managing everything you need.

Whether you are organising an exhibition in the UK or internationally, our fine art logistics team will use their knowledge and expertise to safely coordinate your entire project with discretion.


Bespoke Packing and Casing

Fine art shipping and transport requires an exquisite level of care and protection, which is included within our bespoke packaging. We offer a range of packing solutions to suit a wide variety of media, ensuring that your works of art receive the highest standard of protection. Building specialist cases for your artwork provides the best possible protection for fine art transport, whether in the UK or internationally.

Our choice of industry-standard art cases and full museum-grade casing options provide the packing solution which is right for each of your works. Our cases conform to International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) ISPM=15 wood treatment regulations and we are committed to using ecologically friendly materials.

Room of art sculptures in new art installation


Fine Art Technicians and Specialist Installations

We understand that every piece of fine art is unique. From historic to contemporary art, our expert technicians have vast experience and knowledge in handling and installing artwork. They expertly assess each item and provide guidance on best practices for packing, handling, transporting and installing your works.

Our expert technicians are fully trained in the use of handling equipment, including lifting tables, scaffold platforms, sculpture carriers and cranes. This means that they are professionally equipped to deal with the challenges posed at any level of a fine art installation.


Flexible Fine Art UK & International Shipping

Our client services team coordinate the transportation of your work seamlessly.

Every step of our shipping infrastructure is perfectly attuned to the specialist needs of fine art collections. Our vehicles are purpose-built to meet the needs of the fine art industry, with specialist features including air ride suspension, tail-lifts and climate control options. Our drivers are fully trained to safely operate vehicles transporting fine art and all vehicles have security features to ensure complete protection for your artwork in transit. For international moves, we offer several options.

  • Air freight shipping
  • Consolidated sea shipping
  • Dedicated sea shipping

Where time is critical, our airfreight options are perfect. We also offer more cost-conscious consolidated sea shipments and dedicated sea container options for large international projects. So no matter the size of your shipment we can help.

Woman examining a painting in an art gallery

Fine Art Storage Solutions

We provide flexible temporary and long-term storage options to ensure your artwork is secure and protected at industry-standard storage facilities. Our flexible art storage is designed to adapt to any shape, size or medium. Our team of specialist technicians can provide you with condition reports and inventory checks upon request.

Our flexible storage services include:

  • Long-term and short-term options.
  • Racking for any size items.
  • Condition reporting.
  • Photography services.
  • Inventory management.

We also offer useful services such as our shuttle and storage option with regular weekly services for London galleries to collect, store and deliver your works around your exhibition schedule.

Installation of Art and Collections

Our experienced technicians work on-site to ensure your artwork receives exceptional care throughout the installation process. We know that every installation is different, so our technicians assess site requirements and access points to protect your artwork and minimise risk at every step. We work with you and discuss the requirements of your project and detail the different phases of your installation.

Our art installation services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Hanging works
  • Exhibition standard installations
  • Handling
  • Condition report
  • Unpacking and removal of packing materials for recycling


Art Condition Reporting with Articheck

When shipping fine art, we understand the importance of having access to up-to-date information on the condition of any artwork. That is why we use the digital art condition report tool, Articheck, to create and communicate condition reports to our customers. The state-of-the-art tool which was specially designed for the art world, allows condition reports and inventories to be prepared digitally and accessed by the customer via an app. Updated remotely in real-time, customers will always have the latest information on any of their works.


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Fine art transport and logistics services

Fine art Projects we support

Museums and galleries fine art logisitics and installation

Museums and galleries

We work with museums and galleries, large and small, to transport, store and install their collections safely

Corporate art collections fine art logisitics and installation services

Corporate collections

We support corporate curators to manage the storage, installation and international transportation of their works between office collections and loans.

Fine art logisitics and installation for art fairs and auctions

Art fairs and auctions

We can help ship and install items at art fairs and auctions or collect newly acquired artwork and transport it to the store or its final owner.

Fine art logisitics and installation for private collections

Private collections

It’s not just museums and galleries we work with. Our art technicians are experienced in working with and understand the needs of private collectors too.

Features of our art transport service

With over 40 years of specialist FF&E logistics experience, we offer the very best level of service and expertise to meet our customers’ needs. We have a wide range of logistics centres across the UK and are well connected to our global network of specialist partners. Our teams are knowledgeable in their fields and strive for excellence with every installation. Get a quick quote from Momentous today using our online form.

We pack move store and install sculptures


Our art technicians have the skills, experience and equipment to install your 3D works, whatever material has been used to make them.

We pack move store and install flat art

Flat art

We are experienced in working with a variety of mediums, using best-practice to ensure your items are protected at all times.

We pack move store and install audio visual art

Audio visual

We can help with packing, shipping and installing AV and electrical installations.

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