Fine Art Logistics & Fine Art Transportation
Fine art logistics storage and installation services

Fine art Projects we support

Museums and galleries fine art logisitics and installation

Museums and galleries

We work with museums and galleries, large and small, to transport, store and install their collections safely

Corporate art collections fine art logisitics and installation services

Corporate collections

We support corporate curators to manage the storage, installation and international transportation of their works between office collections and loans.

Fine art logisitics and installation for art fairs and auctions

Art fairs and auctions

We can help ship and install items at art fairs and auctions or collect newly acquired artwork and transport it to the store or its final owner.

Fine art logisitics and installation for private collections

Private collections

It’s not just museums and galleries we work with. Our art technicians are experienced in working with and understand the needs of private collectors too.

Features of our art transport service

With over 40 years of specialist FF&E logistics experience, we offer the very best level of service and expertise to meet our customers’ needs. We have a wide range of logistics centres across the UK and are well connected to our global network of specialist partners. Our teams are knowledgeable in their fields and strive for excellence with every installation. Get a quick quote from Momentous today using our online form.

We pack move store and install sculptures


Our art technicians have the skills, experience and equipment to install your 3D works, whatever material has been used to make them.

We pack move store and install flat art

Flat art

We are experienced in working with a variety of mediums, using best-practice to ensure your items are protected at all times.

We pack move store and install audio visual art

Audio visual

We can help with packing, shipping and installing AV and electrical installations.

Delivering for the biggest names in the industry

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