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We plan and move your business with minimal downtime

From offices, to factories and laboratory relocations, our business relocation experts are here to plan every detail. Our Workplace team enable you to relocate your business, refurbish your workspace or resize your business premises. We specialise in office and industrial removals, temporary and permanent storage, furniture recycling and IT relocation.

What we offer

  • Experienced office relocation project managers
  • Office moves
  • Crate management
  • Moves and changes – churn and restack
  • Furniture installation
  • Desktop IT decommissioning and recommissioning
  • Server relocation
  • IT audits
  • GPS tracking of IT assets
  • Sealed IT crates and cages for transportation
  • Office furniture recycling
  • Up-recycling of furniture
  • Resale of furniture
  • Furniture audits
  • Business storage
  • Containerised storage
  • Inventory management including photographic

Planning to ensure minimal downtime

We ensure that your office move does not interfere with the productivity of your business. Our experienced business relocation project managers will work with you to understand your business and plan every stage of your project so that it does not impact productivity.

Specialist workplace team

Everyone who works on the management of your business relocation, from your experienced project manager to the on-site crews and IT relocation specialists, are all handpicked for their relevant experience and specialist skills.

Our UK offices and warehouses

We have storage facilities and offices across the UK to provide regional storage and logistics services to all parts of the UK.

Office moves

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies need their office spaces to keep pace with the demands of their organisation. We help you manage the moving, and the “change and churn”, as your business develops its teams, diversifies and reorganises to help its employees to work more effectively.

Crate management

If you are planning an office move, our crate service calculates the numbers of crates you need, delivers them, arranges their movement and manages your inventory.

Furniture installation

We source, deliver and install your office furniture to plan.

Life cycle of furniture

We help you keep your workplace project as green and economical as possible. We can manage the entire of your furniture life cycle, including office furniture recycling, up-recycling and restoration. We can also arrange resale of furniture and provide audits of your entire furniture catalogue. We manage your entire inventory using technology developed from our FF&E inventory management systems.

Business storage

During the process of an office relocation, or as part of a reorganisation, we can help you to manage the storage of furniture, IT and archive of confidential documents. Our secure and flexible storage options, coupled with our transportation, consolidation and inventory management capability, offer you the complete package for your business storage requirements.

Secure technology relocation

We take the risk out of moving desktop technology, servers and your on-site IT systems, ensuring that your technology is moved securely and with absolute minimum downtime. Our technology relocation technical team ensure all the logistical aspects have been fully planned to ensure business continuity and security.

For servers, our technical team provide a complete audit of your systems, labeling all connections, cabling and power feeds. They remove all cabling, extract servers from their racks and pack them into sealed server cases for transportation.

For desktop technology, we audit each work station and provide a complete decommissioning and recommissioning service with clear labelling and control processes to ensure every item is reinstalled at their new destination without hampering your employees.

We carefully load and transport sensitive equipment using our specialist air-ride vehicles and protect against data corruption. Our GPS tracker systems means you always have 24/7 monitoring of your equipment in transit. Our technical team will then work with you to re-install systems at your new location to your specification, providing testing and support.

Relocating corporate art collections

Where your business has a fine art,collection, flat art, sculptures or limited edition works on display, our specialist art technicians and installers provide an end-to-end fine art service to de-install, move and re-install your art work in their designated new location.

Our experienced fine art technicians provide expert assessment of your works and advise on the best practice for protecting, handling and transportation of the works. They will work with you and your corporate curator, arranging for construction of industry standard art cases, provide detailed condition reporting, prepare transportation using air-ride suspension vehicles and secure or racked storage if required. At destination, our experienced art technicians and installers will install your works professionally. They are fully trained in the use of handling equipment, including lifting tables, scaffold platforms, sculpture carriers and cranes.

Quality and Health & Safety Assurance

Health and safety underpins everything we do. Our staff are trained in how to operate equipment correctly and to transport and install items with health and safety in mind. We follow guidance and recommendations from the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that your items are moved, transported and installed safely. We also operate to ISO standards set by AGM Group and work hard to ensure the highest quality of service at all times. We also hold key accreditations with BAR and IAM, and comply to their Code of Conduct.


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Projects we support

Office relocations

Office relocations

We handle everything from office moving, reconfiguring departments, technology relocations, crate hire and installations.

Furniture life cycle management

Furniture life cycle management

Manage your furniture efficiently through us. Whether you are procuring new furniture, storing, upcycling or recycling, we manage your entire inventory.

Laboratory relocations

Laboratory relocations

Our specialist scientific relocations team undertake moves that involve scientific and test equipment. Whether you need assistance moving a cryolab with samples that must remain at constant temperatures or medical equipment such as heavy MRI scanners we can help.

Workplace strategy

Workplace strategy

Align your workplace to your company vision and culture. Help improve employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity of your workforce through better work environments. Talk to us about your workplace transformation needs today.

Features of our service

Zero downtime

Zero downtime

We plan every aspect of your business relocation change to ensure each project is delivered within timescales and budget costs and with minimal downtime.

Project management

Project management

We save your business money through expert planning and advice from a team of experienced office relocation experts.

Communication and support

Communication and support

Your Momentous project manager will plan everything for you. They are constantly available through the project, provide regular updates and reports on the progress of your business relocation project and budgets. Which means you are always on top of things.

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