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Our Guide to Creating an FF&E Schedule

POSTED ON October 4, 2022 BY Logistics Specialist

FF&E is an acronym for Furniture, Fixings and Equipment. It represents all of the tangible items that you need in order for your business to function (and to look great). The amount of FF&E required when setting up a new business, such as a hotel or restaurant, is extensive, and its procurement and installation can be a huge task. This is where an FF&E schedule is required. Here is our guide to understanding and creating an FF&E schedule that will make your interior design procurements and installation process simpler.


What is the procurement of FF&E?

Procurement is often mistaken for simply purchasing, but it covers so much more. The procurement of FF&E actually covers researching and sourcing items, product development of bespoke items, testing, budgeting and scheduling lead times to ensure that everything arrives in time for installation.


What is an FF&E schedule?

An FF&E schedule is a way of documenting the precise details surrounding all of the furniture, fixings and equipment. It breaks down all of your requirements by room (and in some cases, by area of the room) to ensure that you know exactly what items you will need and want during the interior design phase, and exactly how they should look.

Your FF&E schedule will quickly become your main focal point once construction is complete.

Brown pencil on top of a detailed floor plan with measurements

What should be included in an FF&E schedule?

An FF&E schedule should be a very detailed inventory of the furniture, fixtures and equipment required for your establishment. It is likely that there will be many components that you want to include but a basic FF&E schedule should feature:

  • Precise measurements of the rooms and furniture
  • Images or drawings of the items
  • Descriptions of the items (including colours, materials and finishes)
  • Quantities of every FF&E item that you will require
  • Room placement of all items (to break this down further, you may want to create an FF&E floor plan)
  • Lead times for all items, including when you are expecting to receive them

You may also find it helpful to include local regulatory standards and any brand standards that must be adhered to.


What should an FF&E schedule look like?

A basic FF&E schedule should follow the format below, however there may be additional information that you would like to include. If you are not working from a separate budget sheet, or want to keep an extra eye on costs, you can also use this schedule to keep track of your spend.

Example of an FF&E schedule template


We know that the FF&E planning and installation process can be time-consuming and extensive, so why not speak to a company like Momentous? We offer FF&E interior services and have expertise that extends from interior design to FF&E installation – and everything in between.

We are members of a number of professional associations including the British Institute of Interior Design, which means we agree to follow a strict code of conduct and keep up to date with professional developments.

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