Momentous Article featured in Arts and Collections

POSTED ON September 26, 2019 BY Logistics Specialist

Momentous was recently featured in Art and Collections website and quarterly publication with an article entitled The Art of Movement in Fine Art Installation.

Utilising best-practices for fine art moving and installation

The article was written by Giles Bristow, our General Manager and fine art logistics specialist, and focuses on how the techniques we use when working with galleries and museums can be employed for private collections in order to guarantee their art is kept in the best condition.

The article includes an overview of planning processes, and how curating and inventory management techniques can be used for personal art collections.


Curating a personal collection

Personal art collections can easily rival that of most art galleries, so it is not surprising that collection owners require similar services, such as fine art crating and storage. Private collectors will also often own more than one property and trade works requiring transportation assistance, international art shipping and customs management.

The magazine and website is specifically written for collectors of art. If you would like to read the article  here: The Art of Movement in Fine Art Installation