Kinska: My Opera House at Now Gallery

POSTED ON August 1, 2019 BY Art Lover

By Tabish Khan

Step inside a pastel coloured miniature house and examine all the delicate ceramic pieces inside it. In this moment I reverted to a childlike wonderment within the ceramic world created by Argentinian born artist Kinska.

In a small fenced garden nearby a girl’s top half has appeared out of a hole while her legs are disappearing into another one. Suspended above the installation are one hundred ceramic tear drops with faces painted on them.

The artist recently had a ceramic hip replacement and it’s why her work is so strongly tied into this material. The installation incorporates elements of childhood, pain, loss and recovery. There’s something more raw about the emotions we experience as a child then the ones we often seek to conceal as an adult, and that’s why it feels easier to identify with these powerful feelings in an installation that reminds us of play time as a child.

Now Gallery on Greenwich Peninsula has impressed me with many of their previous exhibitions including a multi-coloured maze and a glittering supper. By selecting artists that easily move between art and design it’s able to commission impressive installations and this exhibition is an example of another immersive and accessible exhibition.