How to review your workplace strategy

POSTED ON April 2, 2020 BY Logistics Specialist

Are you looking to review your workplace strategy?

Organisations should review their workplace strategy every year, or at least 12-18 months before their lease is due to expire. Some other reasons to review your workplace strategy:

  • you are planning a fit out/refurbishment of your offices
  • reviewing your office portfolio
  • your company made some acquisitions and or looking to merge offices
  • updating your Business Continuity Plan
  • you are moving offices


When you are planning a change in the workplace, you are likely to consider the space you currently have and the space you need. You can analyse this with real-time data by completing a space utilisation study over a period of weeks or months depending on the number of desks, meeting and breakout spaces you have. The outcome of this study will provide you with the accurate data you need for analysis and work out if you need to move or simply re-organise the way you currently use your space and how you work.  Of course, there are other reasons you may want to move anyway.

If you remain in your current offices or move offices, you should always seek professional advice from a workplace move management company who can advise you on how to complete the move successfully but also bring in the expertise to plan, resource, and deliver the move.  When planning for an office of 100 staff it’s best to talk to a move management company at least 3 – 6 months prior to your move.

If you are planning an internal re-stack of your offices, or a move to new offices, you will need to consider the following.  Your move management company will also help you with these:

  • engaging with your staff, seeking feedback from them and involve them in some of the decision making
  • conduct a workplace space utlisation study
  • complete a furniture audit and review what furniture to keep, recycle or purchase
  • calculate a realistic timeline and budget for the move
  • create an existing and proposed floor plan of your offices
  • agree a labelling plan and complete a filing audit
  • review your IT infrastructure, look at what works well currently and what doesn’t. You will most likely need to move floor boxes to accommodate your new lay out. Do you require more AI?
  • Choosing your project team – ensure at least one senior team member is involved in this team. You can also choose move champions from different departments

Following the review your workplace strategy you may define that an office move or a change in the workplace is required. In this event, you can seek advice from a member of our Workplace team. Our Workplace specialists will guide you through the process and help bring about an instant, dramatic and lasting improvement to your business.