Fine Art Shipping: The Golden Rules

POSTED ON November 13, 2017 BY Art Enthusiast

By air, sea or road — the choice is yours when you want to get your precious works of art and other valuable items from one place to another. Thankfully today, the best fine art shipping companies have ways of getting them there, quickly, securely and in one piece.

Here at Momentous, we have more than 30 years of experience in fine art shipping and have developed our own, expert solutions to moving all kind of valuable items. In the process, we have developed a reputation among art galleries, auction houses, private collectors, interior designers and others as a leader in our field. We know how to handle any work of fine art and make sure it arrives intact at its destination.

If you’re a seasoned gallery or auction house owner with lots of experience moving works around the place — quite possibly with some nightmare fine art shipping stories to tell — or considering transporting art for the first time, consider our golden rules of doing it properly.

◘  Rule No. 1: People Power

Before you do anything, find out what experience the fine art shipping company actually has, and what their handling staff are like. This is a fine, white glove service that requires training, experience and high levels of professionalism; you don’t want just anyone packing up your exquisite paintings and trying to load them in a truck. Plus, how well are they able to work out the kind of intricate logistics you need to move your items?

So, ask what kind of training and experience staff have and see what international audit bodies the fine art shipping company has. Here at Momentous, we have FIDI-FAIM certification, for instance, and undergo on-site quality assessments by Ernst & Young. We’re also part of the extensive Harmony Relocation Network.

◘ Rule No. 2: Perfect Fine Art Shipping Packing

The best fine art shipping companies use only superior packing materials to ensure your treasured works are cocooned against the elements and any shocks that could prove disastrous. Because no two works of art or other valuable items are the same — at least in size —  specialist skills are required to carefully assess what’s needed to protect each one while on the road, in the air or being transported by sea.

Whichever method of transport, secure cases tailored to each item are essential so that nothing happens to them along the way. Just wrapping something up in bubble wrap and hoping for the best can have disastrous consequences, leaving you way out of pocket if your expensive work or object is damaged.

◘ Rule No. 3: Strict Fine Art Shipping Security

Tales are everywhere of valuable works of art going missing in transit. Some years ago, a Goya worth around £530,000 was stolen while being transported to the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Lesser known artists have also had their works pinched while on the road.

So there’s no denying that fine art shipping can often be a risky business, and you need the most secure transport facilities available. Momentous has invested in CCTV, GPS tracking and alarm systems for its road transport services, giving gallery owners, auction houses and collectors ultimate peace of mind. Having fine art transportation insurance will also protect you from any eventuality.

Find out more about fine art shipping from the most professional firm operating in the UK today. Contact Momentous now and our team of friendly experts will be happy to answer all your questions and devise custom shipping solutions if required.