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Art Storage & What to Look for

POSTED ON December 18, 2017 BY Art Enthusiast

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Storing valuable works of fine art off-site can be an experience fraught with worry. But using the best fine art storage facilities will put your mind at rest. When looking to store your fine art, it is important to select a specialist fine art storage company to ensure that your pieces are kept in a secure environment that will keep them in their best state.

Why Store Fine Art?

What we see on display at museums and art galleries is really just the tip of the exhibition iceberg. It’s a fraction of what’s owned or loaned because there’s just far too much to hang at any one time. Like with anything else, space is at a premium, and rotation and art storage are what keep it all going.

It’s the same for any successful artist or collector with a growing number of works in their collection or investment portfolio. The sheer size of some paintings makes it impossible to display them in modern homes.

Today there exist numerous choices to store your fine art, where you can pay to keep your precious works safe and secure. But not all fine art storage facilities are created equal, and to ensure your artworks are fully protected at all times, you need to know exactly what to look for.

Selecting a Fine Art Storage Company

With professional art storage for priceless paintings, antiques and other works of art, the “Three Ps” are a vital part of any solid solution. That’s Premises, People and Protection. Let’s start with the first:

Perfect Premises

We all know that artworks are delicate creatures, subject to all kinds of seemingly innocuous ravages that could cut them in two and leave them in shreds (and therefore worthless). So you can’t just store them in any old warehouse and hope for the best.

  • Easy Access – You will need to select fine art storage facilities that have easy access,  like ours near Heathrow Airport and the Eurotunnel. This makes for easy art transportation for exhibitions in Europe and further afield. — are specially designed with fine art in mind.
  • Climate Control – The premises should also be climate controlled. This means that the temperature is moderated so that paint and other brittle materials are not subjected to cold or heat that could make them crack and flake.
  • Flexible – Next, fine art storage space must be flexible so it can accept all kinds of shapes and sizes of paintings and antique items. Storage should be available on both a long and short-term basis.

Professional People

You cannot expect unskilled workers with little or no knowledge about handling fine art to properly care for major works. That is why we have invested in a highly professional art storage team that’s made up of specialists who know exactly what they’re doing.

Our team can handle everything from fine art paintings to sculptures, and all manner of antiques and pottery. Your art will be expertly looked after from the moment it arrives at the Momentous art storage facility. They will constantly monitor the temperature and each individual work of art so that they remain in pristine condition.

Particular Protection

Works of art are valuable, and will always attract the attention of professional fine art thieves. It’s an unfortunate fact of life in the art world that thefts do happen, and regularly, whether art is in transit to an exhibition or in storage. The most sophisticated security measures are required in art storage facilities to thwart these thefts.

Momentous, for example, has various layers of security so that artworks are fully protected. While we’re not going to disclose our security measures, as that could be advantageous to art thieves who are on the lookout for new opportunities and possibly reading blogs such as this, we can say that we employ an array of high-tech security technology. This includes everything from CCTV to intruder alarms, security fencing, anti-theft systems and more.

The Three Ps are everything you need for the ultimate in fine art storage.

To learn more about the best fine art storage facilities for fine art in the UK, contact Momentous now. Our friendly and professional staff are available to discuss individual requirements so that your artworks are properly looked after and are entirely secure. Learn more about our Artwork Logistics today.