5 Things All Artists Should Know About Fine Art Shipping and Storage

POSTED ON February 15, 2018 BY Art Enthusiast

The more you know about fine art shipping and storing your masterpieces, the more at ease you’ll feel. At Momentous, we have you covered

Speak to any artist, no matter what their medium or style, and you’ll come away with one firm conclusion: they love their work. As fine art movers, this is something we appreciate. We know that your art has taken time, effort and dedication to create and it represents a part of you. Saying goodbye to your masterpiece and shipping it off can be stressful and difficult. You expect and deserve the greatest of consideration when it comes to shipping and storing your art.

It all starts with research. You should know that not all fine art shipping services are alike and, if you make the wrong choice, you could end up regretting it. After all, there is no shortage of disastrous fine art shipping stories out there. To ensure your work arrives at its destination safe and sound, we’ve put together a list of five critical points you should consider before shipping and storing your fine art.

1. Insurance is your best friend — make sure you’re covered

It is better to be safe than sorry. No matter how many failsafes are put in place, there is always a chance that something could go wrong, so it makes sense to protect yourself in case of accident or emergency. At Momentous, we recommend you arrange insurance to cover your goods. There are a number of reputable and experienced companies that can help you arrange insurance to give you peace of mind when transporting your work of art. If you could do with a helping hand, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

2. You need to think about custom cases

Moving fine art is a fine art in itself. The whole process requires a specialised process, careful handling and expert knowledge. For this reason, we recommend artists consider custom cases to house their valuable artwork. Such cases will take into account your art’s size and shape, providing you with bespoke protection during transport from industry standard art cases to full museum specification cases.

At Momentous, you can rest assured that our crates adhere to International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) ISPM-15 wood treatment regulations, and wherever possible, we’re committed to using ecologically friendly materials. On top of this, our cases are packed by experts and trained art technicians, leaving you free to concern yourself with more creative matters.

3. Take your time deciding whether to ship by sea or air

Our fine art delivery service takes into account national and international shipping, which will require a decision as to whether to transport by air or sea. This isn’t always an easy decision — you need to consider the best and safest transport rates. With us, you can rest assured that our company is a FIDI FAIM accredited member, so have a diverse global network that will ensure the transportation is organised to the highest standards.

Artists should know there are a number of freight services, including commercial air freight (which is our most popular service), flight courier (ideal for artists who require urgent shipping or a more personal service) and fine art shipping by sea. Shipping by sea tends to be much more cost-effective and suitable for artists with large-volume shipments. Before making your shipping decision, take into account budget, time and urgency.

4. You should be picky about selecting your fine art movers

You shouldn’t accept second-best when it comes to shipping and moving your fine art. You should be particular and find fine art movers who are experts and who have a great deal of experience under their belts. Before you hire a service, do your homework and learn as much as you can about the reputation of the movers among private collectors, art galleries and auction houses. In this business, reputation is everything, and it won’t take long for you to discover whether or not a fine art shipping company is worth your money. Don’t be afraid to get in touch and ask questions regarding who they are certified by and who provides their on-site quality assessments.

At Momentous, we pride ourselves on our 30 years of experience and our white glove service that requires extensive training and provides high levels of professionalism. We want our clients to know that we take our work — and yours — seriously. We hire qualified specialists who know everything about temperature and humidity control, to best preserve and protect your fine art from cracking and flaking.

5. The best art storage systems provide high-tech security technology

The unfortunate reality of life is that thefts do take place, particularly in the art world. When you’re shipping and storing your work, look for a business that will take the greatest of care in terms of security. For example, our 50,000 square foot storage facility is purpose-built to keep your art safe with sophisticated security measures, such as 24-hour monitored CCTV systems, intruder alarms, high-security perimeter fencing and anti-theft systems.

To find out how our team at Momentous can help you with your international fine art shipping, transportation and exhibition logistics, call us on 020 3780 4545. Our dedicated specialists will guide you through the whole process and discuss your exact needs to ensure you’re at ease and comfortable.